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Studio One Overview

We read that workflow is king and the the integration with Melodyne is second to none so using a favourable deal from the web we purchased the latest Studio One from Presonus.

It does not disappoint.

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Cubase 6.5 Logo

We love cutting up beats and seeing what fun can be had with them.

Cubase 6.5 has some great tools to help us get creative quickly.

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Photo of Pro Tools 10 Boom Instrument

Pro Tools 10 is a great Digital Audio Workstation.

The instruments and plug ins are fantastic but due to its complexity, some features and techniques are not immediately obvious and are poorly documented.

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Letting the Machines work it.

Cubase 6 Splash Screen

Digital Audio Workstations have some amazing features that are largely unknown, poorly documented or totally ignored.

Often you stumble across them and think to yourself, where did that come from?

That is what I thought with Cubase's Arranger Track.

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Getting Dangerous.

To sum or not to sum, that is the question...

Dangerous D Box Summing Mixer

We listened and we read over and over again. We went to audio houses for demos. After a lot of thought we agreed that we wanted some new outboard gear and this caught our attention but the question was; was it worth it?

Listen and see what you think.

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