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  • Lessons learned from today: update vst as you go rather than at once. Updates are more like full installers. 32 bit is no go ☹️, 11-02 5:17
  • As if an #ilok update is 110mb large. All I want y to I do is use a vst, 11-02 12:31
  • pic.twitter.com/ACHaf0gcNX, 10-12 7:41

Transfuser – The Studio Multitool

We've been using Air Music Tech Transfuser for years, since our ProTools days especially. It is a great tool that can develop grooves very quickly and when pushed can create whole tracks with ease. It is a seriously overlooked instrument - a secret weapon even. Everyone we refer to it ends up swearing by it, but they never promote it to others because it is so good. We are excited to see the development of the plug in, we know version 3 must be on the cards or even in the works. It is a remarkable plug in, definately worth a look. But, there are limited videos on YouTube, so we hope this is at least a bit useful.

Written by Dave Rock  |  March 15, 2015 Tutorials